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Hello Guys! I hope everyone is going well !
I really hope if you could give me a feedback about my 4th project in responsive wen design . I really worked hard for this project and i’m a bit proud of it , i’ll more proud if you gave me a feedback about it (positive or negative ), i’ll be so thankful!! :raised_hands:
Here’s the link:


Hi @mehdimasmar

Your page looks nice!

Something I want to suggest is that

  1. You should increase your breakpoint for media query.
  2. Second instead of using ‘px’ as a length unit, use relative units like ‘rem’
  3. The height of the navbar in smaller devices, it should be at least 30% of vh.
  4. The margin of header becomes quite more in smaller devices.

Thank you.
Happy coding ! :blush:


Oh that’s true i’ll do it
Thank you so much for your time i really appreciate that !! :smile: :raised_hands:

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Hi @mehdimasmar!

I think your page looks great!

There were a few errors in your html that need your attention.
You can check it with the html validator.

Keep up the good work!

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Thank youu!! :smile: :raised_hands: