Tech documentation page finish (comments/advice etc)

My tech-doc page

Perhaps the most enjoyable of the projects so far I think because the guide FFC gives makes everything very neat.

I used the content from Google to create the page which really helped to flesh it out. Learned new stuff as always and left even more confused as always.

I’m also pleased as I didn’t check the FCC demo edit page at all apart from the visual inspiration which I done myself with the help of the forum and the net.

Thank you for the help

Hey @oocopperpot!

Congrats on finishing the 4th project.

I ran the test suite and you are still failing one of the tests.

Thank you, =)

Missed off 1x ‘p’ I believe. I assume I can ignore the navbar failure when the screen is resized?

Yes, the navbar on the left hand side is only for laptops.

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