Tech Experience and future outlook

As someone who doesn’t have tech experience should I couple FCC with other certs? I was reading on how COMPTIA provides adequate information in their certs and can help land jobs, but is doing both of these at the same time recommended? All tips and advice is welcomed.

It can’t hurt, but whether it’s worth the time really depends on your goals. The FCC curriculum is geared towards learning skills useful for software development roles whereas certs like COMPTIA are geared more towards learning skills for IT help desk / networking type roles

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Those are two different things. freeCodeCamp teaches programming, primarily for aspiring developers. There are no industry certifications in this field. The traditional path to entry has been a university degree, but no qualifying test(s). The freeCodeCamp certifications are certifications of completion of a course, not a recognized qualification.
CompTIA, on the other hand, is a trade association for the Information Technology field - which is not the field that programmers are considered part of. IT does have industry certifications because those certifications are issued and controlled by the companies that manufacture the software and hardware used by IT professionals.

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