Tech Roles Someone With a Graphics Background Can Dive Into

Hi everyone,

For someone trying to get a job in tech but has a graphics design background, what kind of roles should this person be looking for, and what added skills do you advice this person to acquire to have an edge.

Any professional advice??

If your only relevant skills are in design, then the appropriate career within software would be a designer. You would want to spend time learning about the unique design concerns of software interfaces. Usually these topics will fall under the categorization of “user experience”. You’ll also need to learn about accessibility design.


UX/ UI design is a good recommendation.

If you are more interested in coding, frontend development would be a good path to choose. You will have an easier time to understand what the designers were trying to achieve. That’s a point where developers and designers often clash.

Sometimes developers just get a desktop mockup of an UI and are expected to come up with the mobile and tablet UIs themselves. While this is bad practice, you or the company might not have a choice. For someone with design skills & knowledge that should be easier to accomplish.

tldr: UX/UI is a good path for a graphic designer (tough the competition is fiercer), another option would be frontend development where you benefit from your visual skills.

Hmm… Frontend makes sense :thinking:

I’ve heard that UI/UX is very competitive as of now but what are my chances of succeeding if i start now?

What do you mean by accessibility designs?

If accessibility isn’t a term you’re familiar with, then it’s something you would want to spend a considerable amount of time researching if you are interested in design.

I know what accessibility is but am asking maybe you are referring to something else entirely

There is absolutely no way for anyone to answer for you what your personal chances of success are.

Also, you recently posted that you are an experienced tech startup founder and that learning more about development is your goal, so what does “succeeding” even mean in this context?

Being a tech founder doesn’t mean you’ve succeeded, one can be exploring other options based on skills sets in the tech space.

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