Tech School shares the same mission!

Hi everyone!

Tech School is a very serious project of mine for the community. After years of working in the IT industry, I find it’s time for me to give some contribution to the world. So I created Tech School with the purpose of giving everyone a chance to learn IT by giving free, high-quality coding tutorials and courses on Youtube. Here it is:

I haven’t heard about freeCodeCamp until today when a friend on Linkedin told me about it and recommended me to share my work with you here. I find it very interesting and has the same mission, so I hope that the videos of Tech School can be useful for more people.

Here’s a tutorial of how to make a cool terminal:

And there’s also an on-going course about gRPC with codes in Go and Java that you can find in the channel (I cannot put more than 2 links in this post, since I’m a newbie :joy:)

Please tell me what do you think about them! The channel is still very small, so any feedbacks from you guys will give me a great motivation to keep making more valuable and better content. :heart_eyes:


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