TechDoc Feedback

Can someone give me a feedback

The nav-bar should bind to the top of the page when I get down to small widths.

There are too many fonts on the page.

This is more of an informative piece on the lambo and less a technical document.

You’ve got a solid start but you need to rethink the topic and be sure to think about how it will look on both a computer screen and a mobile phone.

This is good for a start, but the mobile view, is a little bit crappy, I’ll say you work more on your main contents, it just aligns squeezed vertically on the right side of the screen,

And I’ll say you make the logo responsive.

Nice job :+1:

The text on the right is a bit too far from the link buttons.
The font you picked for the paragraphs in a bit hard to read.
You should use Optima or Avenir as your font.
At all else, great job!
I never would’ve thought about a tech doc for a car!
You are so creative!

Thank you for your valuable suggestions
Can you recheck it again:-
Also can you give me some more suggestions for how my page can look well on every screen
I have tried to fit in my mobile though

I have done some little changes
Can you recheck it again

Thank you for saying that
I have made some little changes
Can you recheck it again

wow! much better! Now I can read everything so fast and clear!

Looking better… If you aren’t sure how to make the page mobile responsive, take a look at the section on media queries again as well as the example they gave us.

That’s good :+1: and alot better :wink: