Technical Doc Page Challenge

Greetings friends
Please can someone help me get through this challenge?

In my technical documentation page, I can click on a nav-link and it will display on the main section but I cant tell why I’m being marked down on it.
This is what displays;

When I click on a navbar element, the page should navigate to the corresponding section of the “main-doc” element (e.g. If I click on a “nav-link” element that contains the text “Hello world”, the page navigates to a element that has that id and contains the corresponding .

Here’s the codepen link below:

You have a typo in your ID names that you’re referencing in href.

  1. On line # 25, change #Global_variable to #Global_variables with (missing letter s)

  2. On line # 28, change If...else_statement to if...else_statement (use lower-case i)

Thanks so much. Done. It was an oversight.