Technical Doc Page: Test failure feedback

Hello fcc community,

I have been working on the Technical documentation Page for the Responsive Web Design project, but unable to fulfill test criteria No. 4 even if I did exactly what is been asked. I would appreciate your help in this.

The link to the project:

Thank you!

Hi @meghenkahane. Welcome to FCC. Check this typo on line 114 and 155

<section class="main-section" id="Non-Semantic_Tags">
    <header>Non-Sementic Tags</header>

Correcting it will also require you to make corrections at another section of the code.

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Ohh thank you @nibble. Spent an hour trying to figure this out.
That helped a lot !!

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:+1:Happy Coding. Debugging is what developers grapple with on a daily basis.

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