Technical Docu. Page Feedback

Hello Everyone,

I haven’t looked at the source code of the FCC page, but would just like to know what you think, It’s pretty basic, but what do you think about its functionality, responsiveness, and just overall comparison to the actual FCC example.

Also, I only did about half the links compared to the FCC page, due to it just being a large amount of copying and pasting after you make the first initial template of your main content.


Seems to work great, i can’t see any obvious criticisms. well done :smile: Remember in future projects you can personalise them, you don’t have to clone the FCC example. For me personally i get a lot more out of trying to make something original but i’m sure other people benefit more from trying to clone and be precise. Each to their own.

Yes agreed, definitely going to go through again after the JavaScript section and start making things with my own touch. That way I can make them a little more interactive and also put them on my portfolio :slight_smile: Cheers man and thanks for the feedback!