Technical Document Done

This went much better than the Product Landing Page, let me know what you guys think.

It looks good. If I want to get picky…

      <ul id="first_list">If you've used any of these sites today.
        <!-- ... -->

I don’t think the text “If you’ve…” should go there - that is a weird place for it. It should be its own paragraph or it should be a header or even a figure caption.

In the first code section, you don’t need those line breaks, and if you add in a few non-breaking spaces, you can get better formatting:

         &nbsp;&nbsp;&lt;h1&gt;Hello World&lt;h1&gt;
         &lt;p&gt;I am a piece of code, usually used to test programs in Javascript, but that's for another time.&lt;/p&gt;

I’m not a CSS wizard, so maybe I’m misunderstanding, but what does this do:


You are setting it to be 270, so why do we need the min width?


You are setting it here but also hardcoding a value for the width in the HTML. There are a couple of little things like this in the CSS.

But still, it looks good. Have fun on the next one.