Technical Document #navbar help please

Hello, running into an error when trying to pass the project requirement #10. I referred to the example page but everything looks fine. There is something I cant see.

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You have 14 instances of nav-link and 12 of main-section. These need to match up.

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Does that mean I have a class of nav-link 14 times? Because I can only find 12 and they are all within my navbar class… I can’t seem to find the other two?

It’s looks like you’ve been changing things. Which is fine but now I see they match up.

You have your a tags around you li tags. Try this:

<li><a class="nav-link" href="#introduction" rel="internal">Introduction</a></li>

a tags should always be an inner element.

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Switched all the a tags to be within the li tags. I didn’t realize they should always be inner. Thank you! But it’s still not passing the test even after fixing that…

<section="main-section" id="compiler"> and
<section="main-section" id="contract_registration">

Here it is, you have missed your class=

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Woo! Thanks for your help guys! Both of you! Of course it was something simple. haha thank-you-woo