Technical Document Page: Algebra


If you are able, can you critique my project please?

I would make it so that the nav menu does not scroll with the main content when it is on the left side of the page. In other words, that it stays in a fixed position as the page scrolls.

Also, while technically the color contrast on your font is within accessibility guidelines, you chose a very skinny font and it is quite hard to read, especially on the light gray background. I would darken it a little more.

Thank you Bruce,

It’s been a minute. I actually thought of a couple days ago. I am very appreciative for your guidance.

I will go back to try and apply the non-scroll to my nav. I’m certain it’s in my lessons somewhere. I remember doing it. Also, you are right. I’ve debated the color contrast myself. I will get to it.

Be well.

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