Technical Document Project Failing for User Story #11

I am not sure again why my Technical Documentation page is failing again. I have placed a header above the unordered list with links in my navigation. I have also moved the contents of the header into a table and commented out the image in the header.

Any help about why it is failing would be helpful. Thanks for reading and/or responding.

Test #11 passes for me.

Test #11 pases for me too.
Something that works for me is create the whole html structure with the id atributes and try to pass all the test before code the css styles.

I worked on other user stories and it passes now. Perhaps, I am a little confused, but if the test stops at a number, I understand that it fails that test.
At the moment, I am failing (stopping at) User Story #14, but that makes sense to me at the moment, as my nav is not fixed as the user story requires.
I still don’t know why it failed #11, but thanks for the help.
I’ll try to keep it to passing the tests before style in the future.