Technical Document Project - HTML

I experimented with this one having two different navbars - one that the project required and one that was for smaller screen. It was tricky to do, and its not perfect, but I’m proud.

Please review my document. What can I do better?

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Nice! I really like it, the layout gives me vibes from the 90s in a good way. Just make sure your font is consistent. the two fonts in the “what you should know” section don’t really mix well. but, everything else looks great:)

Thank you for pointing that out! I’ll need to take a look at it. And yay! I hoped it didn’t look too old-school… I wanted it to be clean, but have a little color. Do you think maybe I should update the theme to be a little lighter and more ‘modern’? Or maybe its the borders? I know the 90s is making a comeback, but I don’t know if it is in web design, you know?

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Keep the theme, imo it looks nice! Wasn’t aware that 90s were making comeback, but I think yours looks unique for it. Though maybe you could add a solid, thin black border around the content in blue? I’m not sure the purple and blue work well together. Either adding a border around the blue section that “separates the purple” or changing the purple background to match the light blue might work color-wise. Great layout again!

Looks good. I love the color palette you used!