Technical document project. Please leave a feedback

This is my Technical Document Page project.
Please give me any feedback.

Thank you!

You page looks good @jaebungs. A couple of minor things to revisit;

  • There’s a stray closing paragraph tag on line 65
  • You use white-space: pre-wrap; in your code selector but yet don’t line up the sample code. Something like the following would present better in a technical document;
constructor(props) { 
  // Don't call this.setState() here!
  this.state = { counter: 0 }; this.handleClick = this.handleClick.bind(this); 
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Hello @jaebungs. Your project looks decent and the design is elegant. A few improvements are suggested:

  • Add html { scroll-behavior: smooth } to your CSS code so that when someone clicks on the anchor links, your webpage will have a nice smooth scrolling effect.
  • You should not use @import CSS rule! It slows down your website! To import google fonts, add the stylesheet URL in the head tag.
  • You did not insert the most common viewport meta tag! Don’t forget to add one in the head tag.

Happy Coding!

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@Roma Thank you for your feedback! I used validator but some how I missed it I guess.

@paulsonstech Thank you! learned new things! I’ll not use import again haha