Technical Documentation 2 (Feedback)

Doing my second run through Responsive Web Course.
I was just wandering what other people think!
Please don’t hold back, I’m open to new ideas.


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Hi @dooing and welcome back!

About the design I think you should give everything a bit of white space around, probably just with padding it will work.

If your menu is going to be stuck at the top, probably it will look better without a rounded corner at top right, just an idea.

Thinking in accessibility and user experience… you might need to change your menu color property to get a better constrast between words and pink background. You can use the following tools:

Another thing you could consider is giving to your paragraphs a max-width, for example, long paragraphs are not easy to read. And as I have said before more white space between sections, and borders and content I think it will help with that too.

Apart of some stetic touches I think it looks great so far. :ok_hand:

Keep the good work and happy coding!!

thanks for the idea!

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