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Hello :wave:

I finished technical documentation page.

  • Live β†’ link

  • Source Code β†’ link

Site passing all tests but when in mobile layout, desktop test fails. I hope it is just a bug :slight_smile:

Any feedback is appreciated. :hugs:

Site looks clean, is fast and responsive.
Code is also clean.

Checked your github.
Looks like learning frontend will be a breeze for you. : )

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Thank you very much :slight_smile:

This answer just made my day perfect :smiley:

Firstly, it looks good, well done.
Secondly it’s normal for the layout test to fail at small screen sizes, not sure exactly why but it is the same for me.
Lastly, one small thing is that I can’t see or get to all the elements on the navbar. On my laptop screen Data Types is the last category I can see. It is hard when fixing position on the nav to have a scroll option independant of the main section.
I couldn’t manage it with my tech doc so I limited my categories to avoid the issue and attempted to add a little responsiveness

Thanks for your feedback. :slight_smile:

I add a new media query for handling height. Might be your laptop screen height smaller than 700px.

Or maybe your native text size is higher than 16px I think.

Can you check it again?

Edit: It should overflow nav-bar when height is smaller than nav-bar.

There is still a certain height in which the last few links in the nav menu are cutoff and you can’t scroll to them before the break point kicks in. Personally, I would not use a break point on the height. Can you just make the nav responsive to height changes so it uses as vertical scroll when needed without having to tell it to do so with a break point?

Also, there is still a certain range in width that causes a horizontal scroll bar.

Good job, nice touch with the different colour spans in the code!

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great looking site! quick question. How were you able to get a bottom border at the last anchor element inside the navbar element? Been trying to do that with mine but cant figure it out.

never mind haha figured it out just need to target that element separately and add the bottom border.

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Yes, you’re right.

I comment media query and made navbar responsive. This is better.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

That was not in plan in first actually :smiley:

But circumstances made this.
You know what they say,
This is not a bug, a feature :smiley:


Nice to hear you manage yourselves.

Also you can add scroll padding with scroll-padding or margin with, scroll-margin properties.

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