Technical Documentation - Feedback needed

I finally finished my technical documentation page. For some reason, when I started I decided I wanted to use a gradient, which then made things more complicated since I usually go for simpler designs and I wasn’t sure how to make it look nice.

I think I kind of made it work at the end, but there’s still lots to be improved, so let me know what you think!

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Great Job! The linear-gradient looks good, I would keep it. Maybe just add a code example box for every section (Attributes - Comments) and possibly get rid of the fixed footer. As I scroll down the page the fixed footer is kinda distracting. Awesome job!

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Hey lossien,
Is it a plain html and css project or javascript project because m on the process to start the project now and m confused because i haven’t still started javascript curriculum.

Would appreciate your reply thank you so much in advance…

This one’s plain html and css.

Ohhh, thank you so much for clearing my doubt.

Thank you so much @Lossien

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