Technical Documentation - Feedback Pls

Dear Code Campers,

Second project on the way.

I have spend lot’s of time on this one fighting with formatting.
Any feedback appreciated.

Stay safe, code more.

I think you need to format the code samples better. For example, the Hello World example. At a wide browser with the entire function definition is on one line. While this is valid code, my experience is that almost any book/online resource would format this with three separate lines. And you have some longer examples below that definitely need to be formatted into separate lines.

And then when I start to narrow my browser, the Hello World code starts to line wrap and then it just looks bad.

There are solutions out there that do code formatting for you. Just search github. I’m assuming you can incorporate them into codepen?

@bbsmooth Thanks again for nice explanation.

I have looked through this issue again and have get away with adding overflow-y: auto; to the CSS style. This way in case of narrow window I will get additional scrolling and code formatting stays the same.
However one thing I have spotted so far is while my code if fine in VS and when I run local preview all looks good, then when I copy/paste to Codepen my ‘code’ formatting are changing again. As a result if I used tab to move code to right, in Codepen is going back to the far left.
When I said previously that I have spend lots of time formatting I was meaning formatting (code tags) mostly as they caused some frustration for me. They are very odd.