Technical Documentation for Babies - Feedback please :)

Created a technical documentation for babies :wink:

Would appreciate feedback!

First, I just want to say that this was a very informative page. I learned a lot about babies that I didn’t know before. Thank you.

As for the code, there are a few issues I’d like to bring up.

  • It is very hard to read the links in the side menu because there is not enough color contrast between the link color and the background. You’ll want to customize the link color so that they can be easily seen. You can use the WebAIM Contrast Checker to make sure you have enough contrast. Same issue with the white header text for each section.

  • You aren’t supposed to use <li> outside of a <ul> or <ol> like that. Just get rid of them completely, they aren’t needed here.

  • The alt text for the images needs to describe the content in the image. This is important for people who can only listen to your page. I think you should be able to sum up each image in a sentence or two and put it in the alt attribute.

  • The page isn’t responsive in narrow view ports. It’s hard to do a proper hamburger menu without JS so for now I would just move the nav menu above the content.

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