Technical Documentation page 2.0 - looking for feedback

After few days of detracking from certification projects on front-end libraries, I finally finished (somewhat) one of my side projects, so here it is:

At first it was supposed to be some sort of cheetsheet with easy access to examples and methods\libraries usages, but I realized that filling it with content would take me weeks.

But I found the solution, which is to aggregate contents of lessons of freecodecamp curriculum.
So in the end, this is semi cheatsheet, semi overview of FCC program.

I learned a lot while doing it. It supports custom themes, copies code sections into clipboard etc.
Pretty much everything was built from scratch by myself using just jQuery.

Hoping to get some feedback on this.

P.S. Don’t look on code, I tried to clean it up a bit, but it is still a mess.


@KoniKodes this is one of the projects that I was more motivated to do I guess, if you still interested.

Looks amazing, well done!

Thanks! Did you had any issues with layout or animations? Since there are lot of animated\controlled parts, that is probably my main concern.

looks great.

Good work, well done.

It looks very good! I quite like it and I am planning of using it myself!

The only thing is that on the top navigation menu there is something strange happening with the Information Security & QA option, where the QA part of it is coming out of the nav menu.

And personally I would put all the links on the nav bar that is not related to the fCC content on a hamburger menu on the right corner, for example the about and theme links.

Looks really good! In my opinion it needs a bit of a rethink with regards to the media query you have in place for smaller devices, as the top menu and the text becomes incredibly cramped and I think would be difficult to navigate on something like a small tablet or iPhone 5 etc - especially with all the dropdown menus.

That is actually solid idea. I will note it down and revisit menu after I’m done with React projects. Thanks for feedback!

It does. To tell you the truth I just decided to wrap things up and move to other projects in current state, because I realized that I can spend more and more time to improving all the little things, so I kinda skimmed over media query and it needs revisit later. I will definitely improve it later.

I like this a lot!
Looks good :smile:

Hello @arigoru :smiley: looks great!. I’d increase the navigation bar a bit with a padding similar to the buttons. Other than that great job