Technical Documentation Page and progresses

Hello to every one!
this my 4th project. It takes me some week to complete the projects, and this is the first one that I’m almost happy with. :grinning:

I have to fit somethings (the images are not responsive and the footer is not aligned… still trying to fix it… what’s wrong? :thinking: any idea?).
I think that the others projects that I made (tribute, landing page and form) are very ugly designed, even though they passed the tests ( You can found it on my Codepen profile). Anyway they help me to progress.
I was thinking about to go back and fix the others project before start working on the portfolio.
Any reviews and suggests are welcome!
Thank you

Hello @maruskina

For your Tech Doc Page one thing I’d suggest is that you use the built in validators codepen has to clean up some issues. In the HTML and CSS (and JS when you get there) click on the arrow in the upper right and then click on ‘Analyze’ to correct errors you may have introduced.
One hint for CSS in this project. When you clean up the error it shows click on ‘Analyze’ again and another will show. You may have to repeat this process a couple of times to see all the errors.

You can do the same for your other projects.

And since the project get progressively more difficult you’re learning more each time so yes, it’s okay to go back and use your new found knowledge to improve the looks of previous projects. You don’t have to add anything to them but you can clean up minor errors to make them look better.

Happy coding.


Thank you very much. I didn’t know the analyze tool in Codepen. It’s very helpfull :slight_smile: