Technical Documentation Page - Brexit

Hi, I just finished the technical documentation page. It passes all the test, and it’s responsive on mobile phones and tablets. Really proud of it, although any feedback is appreciated!

  • You’ve got some empty <a> tags in your nav menu that shouldn’t be there (and they are causing extra vertical space as well).
  • When I narrow my browser to get the menu on the top, the menu has its own vertical scroll bar, so now you have double vertical scroll bars on the page. This is best avoided.
  • Why are some sentences contained in a purple padded box in a narrow view port but have no box in a wide viewport (e.g. “Major airlines have raised concerns if the agreement were to be cancelled.”)
  • There should be at least an h1 heading on the page. But each of the large font “headers” on the page (e.g. “Introduction”) should probably be an h2.

Thanks a lot for the comments, bbsmooth! Here it goes again:
I really appreciate when people take their time to teach others, I hop I can do the same soon!