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I’m right at the end of the Technical Document Landing Page. I had a lot of problems due to writing my code in Visual Studio Code and then taking it over to the actual HTML/CSS on FCC. I’ve rewritten it all in FCC’s site now and it’s still not reading my Media Query.

I just need it to take the Media Query and then I pass. I did something easy, like changing the background color when the screen is a different size. You can see below in my code.

I don’t know why it isn’t reading/taking my media query when everything else works, and it doesn’t seem like I’ve written it incorrectly.

Thanks for everyone’s help!

My code so far

@media (max-width: 768px) {
  #navbar {
    background: blue;

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Challenge: Technical Documentation Page - Build a Technical Documentation Page

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Welcome to the forum.
Query looks ok.
Did you link your HTML to your CSS correctly? I would double-check that

Hi Admit8490, you were totally right! I got so lost in the body of the code I didn’t even think to check my links. Thank you SO much!

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