Technical Documentation Page - Build a Technical Documentation Page

I am attempting to mimic the test project to the best of my ability. I took a snippet of the Hello World section.

What is that box called so I can figure out how to create it :slight_smile:

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Challenge: Technical Documentation Page - Build a Technical Documentation Page

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Nevermind, found the answer further down the test line hehe!

Okay I’m having a new issue with this same thing. Well, two new issues if anyone can help.

Look at new snippet.

  • It is not making a box like the test example.

  • I am not able to indent the entire code box (even with the pre tag)

Please share a codepen link with your code.

Not sure what a “codepen link” is?

It is a place you can share your code so people can view it and see it working.

Google it…

I got snippets down lol
^^^ this is my style code

^^^ my actual code and i’m fairly sure i don’t need the <.p> but its there lol

okay i found out what was happening…

need to use the css style of display block and then a margin to make it perty :slight_smile:

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