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I just have a few questions on tag placement. I don’t think it’s necessary to include code.

Regarding nav tag:

  1. Does this nav field open and close within the head environment?
  2. Do the nav topics require list tags, such as ol/ul->li?
    -In an attempt to fulfill the “li” requirement of the storyline, I listed my nav topics and used a none:style-list-ype css entry to remove the dots.
    -This however has not fulfilled the li requirement. So I will try the li thing somewhere within a p element down in the sections environment.
  3. Does the body environment open and close with the nav tags within it? Or does the body open and close with the section/header/p elements within it?

Also, I wish to included an image to sit over the top of the scrolling part of the page.
So does the image tag go just before the body open tag?? Or does it go in the head environment along with the meta tags?

Thanks in advance for the help. :man_technologist:

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Challenge: Technical Documentation Page - Build a Technical Documentation Page

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You generally would not put a nav in the head element. I think you meant the header element? Main navigation at the top of the page will often go in the header element at the top of the page which is usually one of the first elements inside the body element.

Require? No. But are lists usually used for navs with a lot of items? Yes. If your nav only has a very small handful of items then you can probably get away without using a list. But a nav with more than 3-4 items should definitely use a list. The main reason being for accessibility (using a list makes it easier for screen reader users to know how many items are in the nav).

I’m not quite sure I understand this question. All of these elements would be within the body element. Perhaps you can give us specific examples of what you are asking?


I had the nav element in the head/boiler(?) area where the meta entries go. I moved it into the body environment. I also noticed I did not have a closing tag for the nav element… oops. :slight_smile: But I fixed that too.

Sorry for the unclear question. I was trying to ask if the body environment includes the nav element. Regarding the question/text of “section/header/p elements,” it was meant to illustrate this as an example (I removed some arrow brackets to show some coding elements:

section id=“Introduction” class=“main-section”>


p>I want to learn to code. I want to learn to code to make the world a better place - for everyone.</p

Thanks for the response. Oh, and I completed the exercise by they way :smiley:

Much review is needed, however, because there are errors, and not all content is laying out as I would like. The key is in CSS and I will figure it out. If I run into wall I will post again requesting help. And I will include my code/css entries. The assignment received a “passing” grade, yes, but I will review/fix before I move on to the next chapter.


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