Technical Documentation Page Complete Javascript Vs C#

I’ve been steadily working through the FCC challenges and I thought it was time to do the last project I needed to complete to round out the responsive web design cert. I’m almost halfway through all the live challenges now, numerically not in terms of hours of work to put in I’m sure haha :slight_smile:

The next language I intend to work on besides Javascript is C#. I learned a few things about it while completing this project and found some resources. I also learned the pre tag and practice my spacing with internal links. A few months ago that took some time to figure out on the Product Landing Page project. I intentionally put this one off a bit so that I could go back to some basics. Next is tackle the rest of JS while concurrently picking away at frameworks and libraries.

I intend to add a few bells an whistles to this tech doc but I kind of feel tech doc should be somewhat minimalist.

Technical Documentation Project Javascript vs C#
Feedback welcome :smiley:

Hi. Nice document. I read most of it as I have experience with C#.

I have a couple of issues for you:


Compilation and Typing are on the same row.


The source text I can read but I suspect some people might need glasses. :eyeglasses:
I would increase the font size.


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hmm ill have to look into the typing and compilation on the same line. I tried in several environments / window sizes and was unable. to reproduce that yet.

What type of device is it?

Ill need to increase font suze. I believe it’s larger on my desktop but that might just be because of my browser settings. On my mobile it shows quite a bit bigger as I dev for mobile first.

Thank you so much for the feedback. Ill dive into the markup to adjust those issues very soon!

oh… yes the source text! part I will increase that size. I will increase the em ratio. I was looking at the code boxes.

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Ok, so I was able to reproduce the navbar behavior where compilation and typing appear on the same line on sidebar view on my son’s tablet when I am on the horizontal view when media query for larger devices activates. Funny I don’t have that issue on other devices or the virtual device suites in chrome. So that gives me a starting point for that issue.

So beyond that I need to fix some grammar, basic spelling, and tweak the em ratios especially for the sources element class.

Thanks again for your feedback! It is appreciated!

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alright then I pushed several updates to the Tech doc page for some reason on Amazon Fires and a few other tabs running marshmellow that causesd that behavior. I put the nav links in un ordered list and styled them accordingly made some padding adjustments and other things

While I was fixing that I made the tech doc even more responsive and added a few things:

I was trying to have the internal link navbar highlight pages on desktops without using any JS or frameworks as I’m using pure HTML CSS as the assignment suggests. I seemed to have more success on mobile with that than desktop.

New and improved Javascript vs C# Tech Doc

and… the Github repo to track changes:

GitHub Commit History for Tech Doc Assignment

In this case chromes native emulator thingy in dev tools wasn’t able to help me but android studio emulator allowed me to reproduce the navbar glitch.

Thanks again so much for your feedback