Technical Documentation page (Dite)

Hey guys,

so I’ve submitted this a few days ago but I have been going through it, fixing some issues here and there, making it a bit more responsive. I’d love your feedback :wink: The navbar in mobile view is a bit meh but I’ve not learned how to do hamburger menus yet, I will definitely do that once I know how :slight_smile:

Wonderful. I love your design.
Some input I have is your nav-link.
It is annoying cause user have to hover the text to make the link in hover state.
So my suggestion is make the whole link cover the entire list.
You could do this by remove padding on the li and move it to #navbar a and make the link elemen display to block.
And you can add smooth scrolling.

Thank you very much for the feedback, if not for you I wouldn’t have realized that the hover is only covering the text! That’s fixed now and I added some smooth scrolling with jquery :slight_smile:

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Just a quick one, when I click the What is html? section on the navbar it doesn’t link to the section. Anyone else has this? I can’t seem to find the error, keep checking and checking :confused:

Nevermind, it’s the jquery script that’s doing it.

why not just use

html {
  scroll-behavior: smooth;

in css?

Because I’m silly. Just applied it to the html. Done! :slight_smile:

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Page looks good @Dite. Nice job! I’d only suggest you run your HTML code through the W3C validator. Just copy your HTML and paste it into the ‘Validate by Direct Input’ tab.

  • Read the warnings and maybe do something to clear them. It’s semtantics.
  • There’s a couple of errors you can clean up.

Edit: One small typo. Right in from of the <script> is the following text;
_is_html. Looks like something leftover from when you pasted.

Thanks, Roma, I tried clearing the semantic warnings but I sadly do not have headings for both sections and articles based on the content. I changed the headers to h2 and put them inside article, so that cleared some of the errors. And I corrected a few others except for the ones that have to do with the boiler plate :slight_smile: I’ll be honest - semantics still seem tricky to me heh.

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Just a side note regarding the forums, if you put an @ in front of my name or click the Reply from my post (instead of the Reply button at the bottom of the page) the person will get a notification.

Yeah, semantics can be a little tricky getting used to. I wanted you to be aware that there was a little more to it. If you pass all tests it’s okay to submit your projects. You can always go back and edit them and make them more robust as you progress.