Technical documentation Page - Feedback & Advice

Hi folks,

Since I was struggling on how to use Flexbox in my previous project (Product Landing Page), decided to create my Technical Documentation Page about this subject. I have tried to show examples for each property and value related to Flexbox, and include an animation at the beginning with several configurations.

I am willing to get feedback and advice on what needs to be corrected or improved, also if it looks professional or still needs improvement.

Technical Documentation Page

Thanks in advance.

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It looks good, but I there is a small problem when Iā€™m on small screen , there is a horizontal scroll.

as you can see, it is because of that nowrap boxes, changing it to wrap would fix it. but i know it is part of the documentation, maybe reduce the number of boxes.

also add
*{ scroll-behavior : smooth; }
to give a nice smooth scroll effect.

Thank you @muhsin7majeed for the feedback.

I have made some changes including a media query and the scroll behavior.

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Yep. All looks good :slight_smile: