Technical Documentation Page - feedback and help needed!

Hi everyone,
I have almost finished my documentation page but I am having an issue with the scroll to # section. When you click on a link it stops below the title. Does anyone know how to fix it? I want to be able to see the title of the section when I click on a link.

Also, I would love any other feedback =)

Thank you so much

Hi, the issue with the links not traveling to the intended header position is because the fixed header covers the destination of the anchor links. Add this to your CSS for a workaround (source:
section:before{ content:''; display:block; height:60px; margin-top:-60px; }

Good technical page, has smooth scrolling, clean layout and nice pictures to accommodate.

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Hi, @doubleUTF you are a genius thank you so much. I had been playing with this for quite a while and I could not find the right solution to fix it =(. But now it works perfectly.

Thank you again =)