Technical documentation page! feedback appreciated

Few Things I think I want to improve in future

After I made the navigation section sticky.

  • When the height of the navigation panel was not going completely 100% i.e. equal to the height of the content, I hardcoded 100vh as height. The parent is a flexbox. Any solution ?

When It is going to a mobile mode I am hiding the navigation panel.

Really excellent design - I really like it visually…

However, if you vary the width of the viewport bigger and smaller the page breaks - for example, the word ‘documention’ spills out of its area. (I think you mean documentation by the way).

I would suggest starting with a small viewport width (I start at about 300px) then expand out a bit at a time making sure it looks nice at for common screen sizes like Phone, Tablet, Monitor…

This is called ‘mobile-first’ development so first make it look nice really small then bit by bit expand upon that. This is also good as a crazy amount of people are using phones to browse the web these days - so it has to look good on a basic handset.

  • I suggest installing Grammarly as a browser plugin to pick up spellings.

thanks for pointing out those, I have tried to fix everything you said