Technical Documentation Page FEEDBACK needed

I would love to get your feedbacks on my Technical Documentation Page. I seem to be having some issues with responsiveness. Thanks!


after a brief check I spotted couple things you could work on:

  • Headings’ color is too bright with the white background and can be easily lost and some people could not see it at all. FCC course

  • “The Smart Card Reader is expected to reduce election fraud” text goes on the top of image on smaller devices.

  • I find hard reading the text as it’s across the whole page. I think you could limit its width to 756px or 1024px.

  • You could hide the scroll menu on smaller devices and try to create mobile navigation menu as here [W3school].

@Jedidiah Hello!
I have some suggestions on what you can change to improve the project. These are only my opinions.

  • The text is too wide on large screens. You could set the max-width of the main div to 900px or 1100px?
  • Add some more images since you are talking about a hardware device.
  • The menu items should be on one line, some of them are wrapping down to the second line.
  • Text is overlapping in mobile view.
  • Add some style to the buttons like padding or color.

Good job on your project.

@brandon_wallace , @Dorfieeee; Thanks for your evaluations. I’ve tried fixing the issues identified (such as responsiveness, readability and page width); and I’ve also incorporated the relevant suggestions (based on my current knowledge). I’m still open to more inputs. Thanks!
Here’s my work: Technical documentation page

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