Technical Documentation Page -Feedback

Hi all,
This is my Technical Documentation Page.
Any feedback or suggestion will be helpful.
Thank you

Technical Doc Page

Black and white are good look for technical stuff. Makes it look official.

I like the thicker border around the sections, it makes it obvious what goes together.

Not responsive, though. It just keeps getting thinner and thinner and thinner. I see that you change the background color for smaller screens but that doesn’t make it readable.

Thank for the comments and point out the responsive problem.
Just fix the navbar for responsive. Hope that you can visit again.

That did it. Now your navbar menu moves to the top on the smaller screen sizes.

But, when you are in the smaller screen size, clicking a link in the navbar displays that section of text with the that has the tag apparently at the top of the screen. UNDER the navbar, so the first part that you have linked to can’t be seen. If I click on “JQuery Syntax” link, the first part I can see is the “The Document Ready Event” portion.

That’s the same thing that’s happening on my project. It’s almost the last thing I have to fix on mine. I was hoping to get some pointers from your code. (grin)

(Interesting enough, in the FCC sample page, when it’s at the smaller device size, it starts with the navbar at the top, but as you scroll through the page, the navbar scrolls too. To use the navbar, you have to scroll back to the top.)


Also implement “smooth scrolling”. It looks better when they’re not immediate jumps to page sections.

Thanks codename11, this is a great idea.