Technical Documentation Page : Feedback

I finish the documentation but I do have a question.
Any feedback are welcome of course.

So my idea was to highlight in the navbar the actual section the user is “on”.
I tried a few things but nothing really interesting.
It might be a bit hard with vanilla javascript though.
Open to ideas or “tracks” to lead me toward the solution.
Thanks !

Looks cool
Maybe try some diff colors their

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It is a nice project. Good job!

A few things I would consider adjusting:

-Choose a different font for the actual code examples. I believe you wrapped all the code in code tags so it should be pretty straightforward.
-Margins between sections are a little wide. You have clear headings so the excess space is not necessary.
-Remove the scrollbar on the navbar in both mobile and desktop. The scrollbar on my screen doesn’t actually scroll because the height is tall enough
-The scrollbar on the navbar after the media query is not too user friendly in my opinion. I would consider other options.

Overall, looks nice!

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