Technical Documentation Page - May I have some feedback?

Appreciated if you can spare a few minutes to give me some feedback!

Also, when I put the code into a html validator, it shows a warning, saying that:
Section lacks heading. Consider using h2 - h6 elements to [add identifying headings to all sections].

I only put in each section, as stated as a requirement in the challenge. I did not put any h element inside my section. I wonder is it necessary to put any heading elements in each section?

Thank you very much.

Also, if you would like to buddy up to learn together, or if you are more experienced and wouldn’t mind to be a mentor, please hit me up. Thanks & Happy coding. :slight_smile:

hi @sausagefist

if you want to learn the best practices structuring the HTML, i guess you should start to do the w3c suggestion.

like i did in my tech docs

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@sobadrdb Thank you very much for your suggestion!

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