Technical Documentation Page Navbar

Hello! I am trying to complete my Technical Documentation Page as part of the Responsive Web Design course. I technically pass all of the tests, but I would really like if I could get my navbar to move to the top of the page in mobile view. As it is right now, when you make the screen smaller, the navbar stays on the left and you can’t see the rest of the content at all. Could anyone give me an idea of how to achieve this?

This is the challenge:

And this is my current codepen:

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

If you remove all css, your main-doc will naturally locate below your navbar ( as per your html).

How to Use CodePen – A Beginner’s Guide (

“…When you are creating your Pens, you do not have to include the DOCTYPE , html , head , or body tags. All of that information is already built into the editor…”

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