Technical Documentation Page Needs Feedback!

Hi every one1
Please help me, i can’t pass some of this test.
Please have a look and help me!

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Have you clicked on the red button (the one with ‘tests 13/16’. The tests that you pass are have a black font color and the ones you don’t pass are in red.

Check your sections. One of them has an id with a text that differs from the header’s inner text. I haven’t checked all of them, but found one already. If you fix that you will pass that test.

The same kind of error exists in the second test you don’t pass and one of your links doesn’t work. It’s just typos. You understand what you’re doing, just chill, breathe and check everything again.


Thanks very much for your feedback.

You need to review the color scheme­. These colors don’t look good together. Other then that, it’s awesome! :slight_smile:

Thanks for your suggestion.
What do you think now, I just change the background color?

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Very nice page, good colors and fonts.

It is responsive but there are a few details I’d look at:
you use white-space: pre which works very well but not when the page has less than 800px witdth. I would set that property to normal then so that the text remains inside the page.
When you use lists, the indentation takes up a lot of space on the page when the width is smaller than 800px, especially nested lists. You could gain space by using the list-style-position property or play with the padding property on the ul element.
At some point the nav element appears at the top of the page and not on its right. It works but the ul inside partly overlaps with the main element and it’s not nice to look at. I don’t know if this is true on all machines but it happens on my screen and it disappears when I adjust the height property of the ul inside the nav. I see in the code you’ve already adjusted the height so this may look good on your screen and bad on mine.
You can use display: flex to resolve this problem as well. set it on the nav, use flex-direction column and justify content space around.

I would continue to style the page, maybe with :hover and :active when you mouse over or click on a link.
And if you want to, send it back to us.

Happy coding,

Thanks for your nice feedback.