Technical Documentation Page One more test to pass

I couldn’t pass the last test on the Technical Documentation Page project, can someone please have a look at it and tell me what am I missing ?

codepen io/ abdullahsa/ pen/ OGVYML

Your #navbar should be surrounding #nav-con instead of header.


I am sorry I didn’t quite understand, the navbar is surrounding the head and the nav-con as it is mentioned in the user story No. 8,9,10

What I mean is your #navbar isn’t really wrapping around the nav menu you created. It’s more like it’s wrapping around the header only.

If you inspect elements on #navbar you can see that.

The test is probably wanting #navbar to wrap only your nav menu, so you can simply place your header inside on top your nav menu and fit it there.

Hopefully this makes sense…


I understand now :slight_smile:, thanks for your help, it is working now.