Technical Documentation Page Problems

Hello, here is link for my technical documentation page.
I have 2 problems:

  1. I failed in one test: " On regular sized devices (laptops, desktops), the element with id=“navbar” should be shown on the left half of the screen. It should always be visible to the user and should remain stationary. You may need to enlarge the viewport or zoom out to ensure the navbar doesn’t scroll with the page content." - My navigation bar is fixed on the left side of page. I don’t know why I fail this test.
  2. I try to use media query to change width of navigation bar and main section for smaller screens. I want my navigation bar to move top when screen is smaller, but it doesn’t work.
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read all the error, what is written below the failed user story?

yes of course. Navbar is always visible when I change the size

Under Test Suite on the left you need to change the project you are doing. In this case you should be selecting the “Technical Documentation Page”
I viewed your project on codepin and you passed everything

@nkalandadze it shows you have passed

when I run code it shows that 1 test failed

that is weird, upload this link “” to freeCodeCamp and see what happens

some minutes ago it showed that i passed all the tests. I have changed nothing but then it shows i fail one test. I don’t understand

no worries @nkalandadze , try uploading your project to freeCodeCamp and see if you’ll pass

Thank you :slight_smile:
btw do you have any advice about my second problem ?

did you pass on the freeCodeCamp @nkalandadze ?

I don’t think there was any problems @nkalandadze

@ibahcode it shows like this and I think yes

good news, you passed

@ibahcode if you make screen thinner navigation bar will be above main section. I think my media query doesn’t work property. I want for smaller screens navigation bar to be at top and both have width 100%

@nkalandadze well, for me, if the code meets the freeCodeCamp requirements that’s all it matters

try to resize the width of the page. if it is 870px wide all tests passed. less than 870 px 1 test failed. Check once. I think it is not a problem because all regular sized devices are more than 870px.

click on the red button and read the error below the failed user story, you will find out why it is failing

that doesn’t garantee that all tests will pass, so please don’t suggest that as a way to verify if the project is complete, thank you

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