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This might seem odd but having a bit of a time with User Story #6, where it asks for the elements . The Test asks for 5 elements. Possibly I am misunderstanding the request it is giving ?
The error shows " 4 expected 5"

Also, # 10 , where is asks for links . I checked and I have links for all the .main-sections… not sure why that is failing -

The error shows " Expected 8 to equal 7" ?

Here is the code Pen link :

Thank you in advance for being an extra set of eyes…


Provide the link to your project…The given link is the FCC sample.

Here is the link…

That is what I get for doing this early in the morning without enough caffine :slight_smile:

Here is the correct link… sorry this was early morning and general lack of caffine… DOH !
Thank you for replying !

Here is the fix for your issues. such errors are hard to catch. Be careful next time.

<section class "main-section" id="Primary_Fermentation">

Can you see what is wrong in this code??? See below if you can’t get.

<section class = "main-section" id="Primary_Fermentation">

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Thanks for the catch ! Not sure how I missed that…
Have a great day !