Technical Documentation Page ready

Hello friends,

I think my page is ready. All feedback welcome.

Thank you

This is brilliant. Beautiful subject matter too!

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Pros: Looks good, passes all the tests. Good for you for writing about something unique. Did you write the content, or did you copy it from somewhere?

Cons: Responsive design issues
You get a horizontal scrollbar and content moves off the right edge of the viewport at the following viewport widths:
852-720 px
<608 px
This seems to be caused by the fact that your images aren’t responsive. There was a challenge in the curriculum about it, but if you want a cheatsheet for the CSS, that’s what I wrote my Technical Documentation page. (Codepen doesn’t allow linking to internal anchors, so just click on the “Responsive Images and Video” navlink):

Very good job overall.

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Thank you for your kind feedback!

Thank you so much. I will check yours and try to improve my page.

I copied the contents from Ducati’s owner manual. :slight_smile:

Update: now I have responsive images.

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Nice job. You must be a motorcycle enthusiast.

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Not only a simple enthusiast. I ride the last 3 decades and I do club racing since 2003. :smiley: