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After a brief hiatus, I’m back in the motion of lifelong learning with freeCodeCamp’s Technical Documentation Page project from the Responsive Web Design curriculum.

I feel pretty satisfied with this project so far. Once I cross back over into JavaScript I plan to make this page interactive, but in the mean time I will be making adjustments to the HTML & CSS.

Live Preview:
Technical Documentation Page

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This looks very clean and professional. Since you are asking for feedback, may I offer a suggestion for the formatting of your example tags?

E.g. your list in chapter 3 begins with <!DOCTYPE html>, only yours is enclosed in back quotes (``). I would find it more readable without these. Since you have clearly formatted all your examples of tags and other code they stand out without being wrapped in quotes. Perhaps it displays this way because you want the tags to appear to the reader, rather than being read by the browser? If so, I found this to be a useful read: How to Display HTML Tags as Plain Text in HTML · Dev Practical.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

This project is great :smiley:

The plan to revisit it during/after the JavaScript cause is a fantastic idea.
Will look forward to seeing this project grow :smiley:

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