Technical Documentation Page Scroll

I’m working on the Technical Documentation page and I’m passing 15/16 tests. I’ll code the media query later.

When I click the navbar links, the corresponding target elements scroll to the top of the page as expected except for the bottom three elements which are:

Access the First Element
Access the Last Element
Add Elements

The above three elements scroll into view but not to the top.

Any suggestions?

Hello Mike.

The elements do not reach the top, because you have run out of webpage to scroll through. That is, your document does not go any further. Usually, I do not worry about this, because, as you say, they are in view.

One solution would be to add a lot of margin-bottom to your “tech-infodiv. Otherwise, add a footer with the Reference such that the height is enough to scroll past the Add Elements section.

I hope this helps

That helped a lot.