Technical documentation page scrollbar not appearing

I submitted all my projects and they are all working perfectly …
In the technical documentation project I have used ( overflow : scroll ) for my navbar-container when it hits 800px…the scroll is working well but I cant see any scroll bar to control it , I can only use the scroll button on my mouse and slide in mobile layout …I want to see my scrollbar

I have reviewed the whole curriculum and there was no lesson on this topic
I didnt go for google search yet , I thought the community is much better for providing sufficient details

here is the link of my project

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Hi @mudbloodlad!

I am a little confused by your question.

I am on a laptop and when I resize the browser window smaller I can see the scroll bar all the time and control it.

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you can scroll it through your scroll button but do you see any scrollbar on the side of the navbar ? I want to show the scrollbar to the viewers

I have never tried making a custom scroll bar but you could look into css tricks. They have really good resources and might be able to provide you with the information you need.

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Another camper has created what you are asking for in their technical document page.

You could ask them how they did it.