Technical Documentation Page Styling Feedback

Technical Documentation Page Styling Feedback
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Hi everyone! I finally finished my Technical Documentation Page:

Any feedback would be great, I decided to give it some pop and color. There isn’t any technical “code” in the documentation, I got into it way too far before I realized it required some elements.


Pop and color are good in documentation to highlight areas and important topics.

But sometimes, “less is more”…

since a picture is worth a thousand words, my feedback will be in the form of a screenshot. :slight_smile:

Your original:


That looks great!! Thank you for taking the time to create that and show it to me.

You make a great point about less is more. With the white background some of those colors I had stand out way to much don’t they? haha

I also really like the way you set up the navigation, especially with the non-active text being slightly lighter in shade than what is selected. Mind if I take some of these ideas and run with them?


Definitely. You are welcome to use these ideas.

Yeah, in web design (frontend work, css, etc) , the smallest detail/subtlety is as important as the big picture. The smallest details like the particular shade of color, lightness, or radius… or how much padding and margin to use, font-size, font style, etc.

Some coders may poo-poo CSS and styling, but I love it, and enjoy crafting a good looking and functional page as much as coding the business logic/database models behind the scenes.

Think of it this way… The look, design and style of a website is the first thing the viewing public will see! Not the hidden code behind the scenes. People will judge a website/app based on it’s look, their first impressions.


You make a great point. First impressions are everything :slight_smile:

I’ll admit that I really enjoy styling as well. It’s one of the reasons I am enjoying web development, you get to be logical and technical in the background but also creative out front.


This is mine. Feedback please.


You’ve got a nice page there. It’s got some amazing colors.