Technical documentation page topic choice

So, I notice in the user story we need 5 code sections. So I’m assuming the topic needs to be relevant to coding/programming in general and not a technical documentation page for any topic we choose?

Any topic that works is fine. As long as it is functionally similar to the example and fulfills the user stories, its fair game. You can make a technical documentation project for a programming language or your motorcycle or something in between. Have some fun with it.

I suppose my concern is for user story #6. At least 5 ‘code’ elements. I suppose I could use the code element and not put any code in it.

  • User Story #6: The .main-section elements should contain at least 5 code elements total (not each).

You would want to choose something that actually satisfies the user stories (not just passes the tests), so you should do you technical documentation on something for which it would make sense to include at least 5 blocks of code.

Just try to google it.