Technical Documentation Page Topic Idea Help

I’m struggling coming up with a topic for the Technical Documentation project. Does it have to be something in the general coding area, or can it be something else? My idea is creating something based around one of my special interest games. It would, of course, fill all of the requirements, it would just be different topic. Thanks!

As long as you meet the technical requirements, it can be about anything

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Welcome to the community!

If you have a hobby you like doing, you could do your Technical Documentation Page providing detailed instructions on the requirements to complete a project in it, or something you wish to provide instructions on how to do for others to follow.

I did mine on how to set up my crafting machine. :slight_smile:

As @JeremyLT stated, as long as it meets all of the requirements to pass, it can be on anything.

Keep up your good progress!

Happy coding!

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