Technical documentation page user story 10

help please!

IDK what I"m dong wrong


There’s a few things that may be causing issues here

  1. Id’s are case sensitive, this means that the link with the href #what_it_is doesn’t match with the section with id What_it_is.

  2. (I got caught out on this). The links in the navbar need to match the text in the sections header exactly. For example, theirs a typo in one of you links to say ‘Jave script’. This is also frustratingly case sensitive and counts spaces.

I’ve made some improvements, and still is saying I’m wrong

Hmm, the test Additionally, the navbar should contain link (<a>) elements with the class of "nav-link". There should be one for every element with the class "main-section". says expected 4 to equal 5, which means 4 of the anchors are right…

I can’t see anything that looks wrong though, I’ll keep looking and let you know if I see anything.

OK, this was a tough one!

I’d recommend copy and pasting your code into Ready to check - Nu Html Checker to make sure everything is OK, this basically checks your HTML to see if there’s anything invalid.

There’s quite a few errors which you can ignore, but error 3 tells you

Attribute clas not allowed on element a at this point.

You’ll notice attribute is ‘clas’ and not ‘class’.

You’re almost there! Just some CSS and you’ve passed all the tests :slight_smile:

I see the problem now. Thank you!!!

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