Technical Documentation project (4)

Hi guys this is my fourth project and I would like to hear from you,
please review it and give me some feedbacks to know how far am going.
Here is the link to the pen

This looks great.

My suggestions are that you use lighter colors (the background and the animation) and a padding between the paragraphs since it all packed up together

I will fix that, thanks so much.

Hi @Diu!

I think your page looks good.

A few things.

  • In codepen, you do not need to include head tags. There is a section to place links for the head.

  • There are a few errors in your html and css. Run your code through the html validator and css validator. You can ignore the messages for head, html, and doctype.

Okay I gat the point, thanks so much.

Hi Diu,
It looks great! I love the smiley icon!

I was a little confused about why there are two different fonts/sizes within the explanations. I see that you are using a <code> tag, which should really be reserved for quoting actual computer code.

For readability, it would be helpful to add some padding to your text. Most people also find long lines of text difficult to read, so padding will make them a bit shorter. A larger font would also result in less words per line.

Congratulations and Happy New Year! K

Well thank you my friend for a nice comment and I will try to fix those errors. Happy new year too.