Technical Documentation Project <a> tag issue


This will likely be a simple solution but after some time of trying to figure it out on my own, I just don’t understand what the problem is.

I am unable to select my links in the navigation bar. It was working at the beginning of the project but I had to change up some language throughout it and now I’m unable to select them after making those changes. Even when writing in a new one to test it, the same issue persists once I close the <a> tag. I’ve viewed other people’s projects and they look almost exact to mine, at least in that one section.

Thank you for any assistance.

Looks like you have a fixed element without a z-index setting.

Also, check your ids for the “Hello_World” link and the “Variables” links. They need to match.

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Your div with id=“main-doc” is overlapping the nav-bar because you set the position as absolute but did not specify where it should start. You could try adding left: 300px; to it to get you started.

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Wow. Thanks a bunch!

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Thank you for your feedback!